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Turner's boxing academy

our facilities

Turner's has a full sized sports hall in which each of our sessions is held. Within the hall we have 6 punch bags and a boxing ring which is set up at the beginning of sessions and used for sparring.

In addition we have a permanent ring set up in another room which has another 6 punch bags and other training equipment.

Outside we have a running track and a field which, when the weather is good, is used for training.

All equipment is provided at each session. However, we also sell a range of gloves, head-guards, gum shields, wraps and Turner's training wear.

We also have a sports dome in which we host events against other boxing clubs from around the country.

​We coach children, teenagers and adults in boxing and general fitness. All ages (8+), fitness levels, male and female and abilities are welcome.

sports hall

Permanent ring

bag room


Turner's Boxing Academy was set up in 2009 and we are based at Collingwood College, Camberley.

We develop individual fitness, personal strength, physical and emotional wellbeing through boxing.

  • 12 Punch Bags
  • 2 Boxing Rings
  • 2 Speed  Bags
  • Weighted Bars
  • Free Weights
  • Circuit Equipment


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